Christmas presents for priests, laity

Posted on December 19, 2015 in: Articles


We don’t want celebration of the great holyday of Christmas to pass without offering a gift to you, our dear readers – and to anyone else with whom you want to share these gifts.

We’d like to express our affection for you with two gifts – one especially for priests and the other especially for laity (although both are suited for all audiences, most especially permanent deacons).

  • Priests will find a companion chock full of interesting and helpful information at the homepage for The National Institute for the Renewal of the Priesthood, overseen by faithful stewards Fr. Gene Hemrick and Dave Gibson. Among its many appealing articles, book reviews and podcasts are a collection of homilies by two Benedictine monks – one a seminary Scripture professor and the other a college campus minister.
  • Laity will find a companion bursting with interesting and helpful information at the Living Faith at Work homepage. The ministry, based in the Diocese of Cleveland, has as its mission “to empower people, through the Catholic tradition, to live out their faith at work.” We think it’s an excellent resource – and, in fact, we plan to share items from it with you throughout the coming year.

As a theme for the coming year, we’d like to adopt as our mantra a central message of the Gospel: You are not alone. That message is affirmed by the presence of these web sites, serving you whenever you reach out to them.

May you enjoy a blessed and joyous Christmas!

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