How to keep your 2016 resolutions

Posted on December 28, 2015 in: Articles

You don’t need help making New Year’s Resolutions, do you? Anybody can do that.

But you problem could use some help keeping them. Doesn’t everybody need that?

Well, it’s true that some of us have more self-discipline than others. But it’s also true that trying to achieve new goals or develop new, healthier habits is nearly always difficult. Most of us struggle with changes any kind – even those we dearly desire.

One way to break through that struggle is to tell others what your resolutions are and invite them to help you monitor your success in achieving them. You can do this with one friend on a mutual basis, or you can create a small accountability group where you share your successes and failures – and gently encourage others in the group to stay on track or get back on track.

It’s important, of course, not to get evasive, defensive or discouraged in the face of failure. From the beginning resolve to be honest with yourself and with other members of your group, and to embrace feedback even when it’s difficult to hear. If it’s honest, it’s good for you.

If you’d like to explore this topic a big more, Gretchen Rubin has more to say – and a fun little self-quiz to help you understand yourself better and stay on track. Click here.

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