Coaching and Mentoring

Mentoring Owen and JavisYeshua Fellows have an exceptionally wide range of expertise across several fields related to individual and organizational performance in the church, in secular non-profits and in the for-profit world.

All of our Fellows have coached and mentored both experienced leaders and newcomers who are just entering service in a church ministry.

Whether we can be of assistance as a coach or mentor to you or someone you know will depend on a variety of variables — but most especially on the availability of the particular Fellows best prepared to assist you at the time of your inquiry.

Because we are devoted to serving you, we'll do all we can to be of assistance.

Arrangements and fees for coaching and mentoring vary with the Fellow sought, the nature and extent of the relationship desired, and the flexibility of the client.

If you would like to explore the possibilities for coaching or mentoring, please let us know more about your specific interests in an email.