Develop Your Leadership Potential

Grow as an S3 Jesus-like Leader starting today

Becoming an ever more effective Jesus-like S3 Leader doesn't require a miracle. It's simply is a matter of making a commitment to take small -- but decisive -- steps every day of your life.

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Pray daily -- Even the briefest prayer is better than none at all. But be sure to leave time to express your gratitude for all that God has blessed you with -- most especially with the key relationships in your life.

Read The Catholic Vision for Leading Like Jesus -- The book is short, easy to understand, and it will help you focus on what matters as you continue to develop as an S3 Jesus-like Leader. Be sure to read the reflection questions at the end of each chapter.

Attend an Encounter -- our 1-day flagship program uses an invigorating mix of video, live presentations, small and large group discussions, and self-discovery exercises to introduce you to the key concepts of Jesus-like Leadership and to draw you into the joys of being an S3 Leader. Check the schedule of Encounters on our website and in The Catholic Leader.

Host an Encounter -- Every Encounter begins with an invitation from someone -- and that someone could be you. We welcome the opportunity to work with you to schedule an Encounter in your community. And we'll be happy to provide you with Facilitator Training while we're visiting so that you can share the power of S3 Leadership with friends and colleagues on a continuing basis after we're gone. Inquire today.