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By Owen Phelps, Ph.D. Director, Yeshua Institute I have an old and dear friend who will turn 86 before the end of this month who from time to time wonders if and how his life has made a difference. He never married or had children, so he has no wife or children around to assure him – in either word or deed – that his life has mattered. He was a professor of mine and an incredible presence on our college campus back in the tumultuous 60s, so I can say without reservation that his life has made a huge and wonderful difference in my own. But he still wonders. Blessed with the feedback of a loving...

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Biggest impediment to learning: Ego

Posted on August 08, 2017 in: Articles

By Owen Phelps, Ph.D. Director, Yeshua Institute The Catholic Vision for Leading Like Jesus points out that all of us “have an ego problem” and a choice to make. We can either Edge God Out or Exalt God Only. When we Edge God Out, we are driven by pride or fear – and in either case, our efforts to exert influence generally do not end well. Now we read that ego-driven attitudes and behaviors also impede our ability to learn. “The biggest barrier to learning is not your lack of time or resources, it’s your ego,” says Marlene Chism, author of Stop Workplace Drama and No-Drama ...

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By Owen Phelps, Ph.D. Director, Yeshua Institute All of us set goals of one sort or another – or we should be doing so. We set goals for ourselves. And if we have positions of leadership, we set them with others. It was once more correct to say “we set goals for others,” but research and experience has taught us that it’s much more effective to set goals with people rather than for them. That’s true even for parents with small children. Almost as soon as a child can talk, he or she should be brought into the goal setting process about a host of things. No, it’s not about l...

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