To be sure, the incredibly successful online search company Google does not teach its people how to Lead Like Jesus.

But sometimes it’s interesting – even enlightening – to step outside our explicitly Christian approach to leadership to see how others are nurturing leaders. Very often, while the language is different, the basic concepts are remarkably similar.

After studying more than 10,000 data points regarding performance reviews, surveys, and nominations for top-manager awards and recognition, Google identified six key attributes it tries to instill in its managers.

Here they are:

1. Mindset and values: Managers should be optimistic and to believe that intelligence can be cultivated and grown -- in themselves and others. Managers should be values-driven.

2. Emotional intelligence (EI): Managers should develop high EI, reflecting research that indicates EI matters more than IQ when it comes to successful leadership.

3. Manager transition: It’s okay for managers to be vulnerable and honest, and new managers should be open about their transition difficulties with peers.

4. Coaching: Google says the number one quality of effective managers is being a good coach – and says there are six characteristics of good coaching. (See complete article; link below.)

5. Feedback: Leaders should be able to deliver feedback that is sensitive, balanced and appreciative.

6. Decision making: Supervisors should ask and answer five questions in making judgments. (See complete article for list of questions.)

While these six attributes may seem basic, according to a New York Times article, the results are anything but. Google reported a statistically significant improvement in 75 percent of its underperforming managers after implementing the program.



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