The Catholic Vision for Leading Like Jesus Encounter is now available in Spanish, and the Yeshua Catholic International Leadership Institute is shipping Spanish Facilitator Kits which include:

  • A PowerPoint presentation with imbedded videos;
  • A Facilitator’s Guide; and
  • A copy of the Participant’s Workbook.

“It’s everything a Facilitator needs to present the Encounter in Spanish,” says Dr. Owen Phelps, Director of the Yeshua Institute.

Owen recalls the first time he led a seminar on Jesus’ leadership lessons in the Gospels. It was way back in the early 1990s, long before he heard anything about the Lead Like Jesus Movement. At the end of the short program, there was time for questions. The very first question was: “Do you have this in Spanish?”

Owen’s answer was, “Unfortunately, no.” Although he took two years of Spanish in school, he knew that such a project was well beyond his Spanish literacy skills.

Now, more than 20 years later and nine years after Owen’s book The Catholic Vision for Leading Like Jesus was published, the Yeshua Catholic International Leadership Institute finally has a better answer regarding the availability of a scriptural based leadership program: Yes!

The Yeshua Institute is offering the Spanish Facilitator’s Kit, which includes all three products, to Spanish-speaking Catholics who have participated in the English-language Encounter.

“It’s been our practice to require that anyone who facilitates our Encounters has to participate in an Encounter first, so at this point we’re trying to locate everyone who has participated in an earlier Encounter and tell them the Spanish version is finally available if they would like to facilitate its presentation,” Owen explained.

Plans call for the Yeshua Institute to schedule Spanish Encounters followed by Facilitator Training to expand the number of people who are certified to offer Encounters in Spanish. “We’re still working on the details of scheduling those programs,” Owen explains.

For more information about the kits and the Spanish Encounter, write to Owen at

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