By Owen Phelps, Ph.D.

Director, Yeshua Institute

As luck would have it – or perhaps even better, Providence – the matter of Emotional Intelligence or its measure, Emotional Quotient (EQ), comes up in two of the featured articles we scheduled for this issue.

I’m good with that. Grateful, even. Because I don’t know if there’s a more important consideration when it comes to trying to be a Jesus-like Leader.

As you know, when we talk about Leading Like Jesus, we talk about S3 Leadership – leading as a Servant, Steward and Shepherd. In fact, to consistently lead in any of these contexts we need to cultivate a high level of Emotional Intelligence.

And as leaders we also need to help our followers do the same – whether we’re talking about our children, colleagues or reports. Sometimes we even have to help our supervisors grow this way.

In our two articles on the importance of EQ, both authors mention another author – Daniel Goleman. 

Not only is Goleman a best-selling author, he’s also a psychologist in his own right, with a Ph.D. in the field. As a science journalist for The New York Times for many years, Goleman researched and reported on the brain and behavioral sciences. When it comes to explaining complex phenomena is a simple, straightforward way, he is truly gifted.

I can’t recommend his books enough, beginning with Emotional Intelligence.

As for Emotional Intelligence, it really is the key to how effectively we behave as leaders – especially under pressure or in the midst of crisis.

Ebener makes the point that research shows that we can improve the links between our heads and hearts – a key to developing greater EQ – by the active practice of our faith.

That’s certainly something to think about now, as we prepare to celebrate All Saints Day Nov. 1 and as the Advent season of preparation for our savior is just a month away.

Happy reading!

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