Julie Winkle Giulioni has four basic tips for making your virtual meetings better.

Giulioni is the co-author of the bestseller Help Them Grow or Watch Them Go: Career Conversations Organizations Need and Employees Want.  

She notes that virtual meetings are here to stay even after the Covid-19 threat is behind us, but when meetings fall into a familiar rhythm, participants can be easily lulled or distracted, making the whole experience mind-numbing.

She says that you can push back on that problem by learning a bit more about four features common to online meeting software platforms:

  • Screen sharing;
  • Text chat;
  • Polling;
  • Whiteboard.

The first time a meeting leader tries to integrate these features into a virtual meeting, the effort can be more than a bit distracting. But with a little practice, using them becomes second nature.

By the way, it’s not hard to get a little practice with family, friends or a co-worker. Just schedule a meeting with one or two other people with the intention of practicing the use of one of the features. Turn it on and off several times. Then actually employ its features a few times.

Very quickly the features will become second nature to you and they will enrich your virtual meeting experiences without being a distraction.


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