People looking to stay on track as an S3 Leader will want to consider an ancient meditative practice called "Lectio divina."

Don't let the Latin turn you off, says Trappist Brother Simeon Leiva. Brother Leiva, a Scripture scholar and monk at St. Joseph's Abbey in Spencer, MA, says it's an ideal way to unplug from worldly distractions and become more intimate with Jesus, according to a report from Catholic News Service.

"Lectio divina" — "the reading of the sacred" or "the divine reading" — dates from the second century. It uses a pattern of reading, reflection, prayer, contemplation and action to meditate on short scriptural passages.

Two recently published books are devoted to the practice:

  • The Catholic Prayer Bible — 'Lectio Divina' Edition from Paulist Press
  • Pray With the Bible, Meditate With the Word — a Manual for the Prayerful Reading of the Bible, published by the American Bible Society's Catholic ministries

Brother Leiva said "lectio divina" is "a Catholic way to decompress and pray at the same time. For whatever reason you practice it, it requires you to slow down and unplug yourself. It's healthy and it's very doable."

Do you practice "Lectio divina" or have you tried? If so, we'd love to hear from you about your experience. Was it difficult to find the time? Did it give your day a structure that actually made you more productive? Are there any insights or tips you'd care to share with our other readers. Drop us a line today:

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