When it comes to language, Bill Treasurer is not likely to be remembered for being couth. But when it comes to effective leadership, he’s on board with the core teachings of S3 Jesus-like Leadership.

Treasurer is author of four books, including most recently A Leadership Kick in the Ass, which focuses on what he calls a “Holy Shift” from self-centeredness to the importance of humility, goodness and redemption.

Sound familiar?

“Having worked with thousands of leaders over the last two decades, I’ve become convinced that leaders who focus more on others have far greater success than those who are self-absorbed,” he says.

The Holy Shift

What he calls The Holy Shift “involves moving from selfishness to selflessness." Instead of thinking, “How successful can I be?” the thinking shifts to “What can I do to help them be more successful?”

“Instead of treating people as resources who do work for you, you shift to being a resource for them. You begin collaborating with them to set goals. You remove barriers to their performance. You provide skill-stretching assignments and training opportunities. You give them air cover when pressure comes down from above,” he explains.

“Instead of acting as a cop who enforces rules, watches for violations, and punishes noncompliance, you become a coach who invests time in their development, draws out a higher level of performance, and helps them take pride in their work.”

Failure a great teacher

Some leaders learn this the easy way, for others it’s a hard-learned lesson. “Often, it takes an upsetting failure to startle a leader out of any rosy leadership delusions and help him evolve past being interested in himself to being much more interested in the people he is fortunate to lead,” Treasurer explains.

One way leaders serve their followers is “by putting your leadership influence to work for them.”

“By ‘serve’ I don’t mean like a white-gloved butler who is careful not to disturb people as he adjusts their lobster bibs. I mean taking intentional, deliberate, and assertive action for the good of others. Success as a leader is contingent on bettering the lives and careers of the people you are leading,” he insists.

Then, seeming to lift a sentence out of The Catholic Vision for Leading Like Jesus, he says:  “Leadership, in other words, is not about you; it’s about them. Getting over yourself is a must.”

Bill says the proof is in the outcomes.

Fastest way to great results

“The fastest way to great results is taking a genuine and active interest in helping others succeed. When you focus on using your leadership for the good of others, you take a genuine interest in getting to know their needs, goals, aspirations, and gifts. You start helping people build skills, confidence, and self-reliance so they can add more value to the company and their careers,” he says.

Then, quoting a line that Lead Like Jesus co-founder and The New One Minute Manager co-author Ken Blanchard borrowed from C.S. Lewis, Treasurer adds: “Humility is not thinking less of yourself but thinking of yourself less.”






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