Advent perfect time to start new outreach

Posted on November 30, 2015 in: Articles

This first week of Advent is the perfect time to launch our new outreach – the Weekly Catholic Leader.

Advent marks the start of a new church year. The word means “coming". It’s a time to focus on the coming of our savior -- incongruously in the person of a tiny, helpless and poor little child received into the human community by the love of Mary, the loyal devotion of Joseph, the awe of simple shepherds and praise of angels.

Advent is the time for us to prepare our hearts to receive this savior – something the human community has not always done well since the days of his birth in Bethlehem. Yet, with each new Advent, we resolve to do better and pray for God’s help with this daunting task – one that ultimately engages us throughout our lives.

The Yeshua Catholic International Leadership Institute is here to help.

Our vision is that “every Catholic in every walk of life leads like Jesus — as servant, steward and shepherd.” A chief way we pursue that vision is by publishing The Catholic Leader. We’ve been doing it for 10 years, and we hope to be doing it 100 years from now.

Think of The Catholic Leader as your companion, walking with you and helping to keep you on the path to ever better Jesus-like leadership in your own life.

Companions stay in touch – frequently. So with this first edition of the Weekly Catholic Leader, we begin to reach out to you every week.

We hope you like the added companionship, especially now in Advent when so many distractions pop up to grab our attention and pull us off the path of preparing for our savior.

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Finally, if you can spare another moment, please encourage your friends to become our companions too. We’d love to serve them as we serve you. Just include this link in your own invitation to put them one click away from becoming our companions too.

It’s a new church year – a great time to do one new thing to help yourself and your friends prepare to draw closer to the dear Lord Jesus.

Best wishes for a happy and holy Advent!


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