Anyone with more than a passing familiarity with their church and culture knows that a lot of the news about individual religious participation and parish vitality isn’t good these days.

Across the developed world:

  • Mass attendance is down – in some places precipitously.
  • The numbers of people being baptized, married and buried in the church are declining..
  • The percentage of people who say that religious faith is important or very important to them continues to drop.

At the same time, there are pockets of great growth and vitality to be found. In many places where parish faith communities come together and focus on doing their very best, the trends are very positive.

One way to build parish vitality is to host a Catholic Vision for Leading Like Jesus Encounter. This 1-day program has drawn rave reviews from clergy, professional lay ministers, pastoral council members and other volunteers, as well as people in the pews curious about how to live better, more purposeful lives.

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